Heather Rupp Angiletta, Ph.D. 

meHeather has spent the last fifteen years researching the mind from the outside looking in as a neuroscientist. She now combines her scientific knowledge with the practice of Mindfulness to examine the mind from the inside looking out. Her students are guided through her teachings to view their own minds as laboratories from which to experiment and learn about themselves, personal patterns, emotions, cognitions, and their own potential. She grounds the practice in scientific validity and real-world practicality to make it accessible and understandable so that people can learn to incorporate Mindfulness effectively into their daily lives.

Her background combines both academic behavioral neuroendocrinological research, as well as the application of scientific knowledge to the private corporate mission through consulting and neuromarketing. At both her academic and private sector research positions she used cognitive neuroscience research methods, such as brain imaging and implicit tasks, to investigate cognitive, behavioral, and neural processes related to motivated decision-making.  Linking this experience with her training and passion for Mindfulness education allows her to communicate from scientific and business perspectives the value and validity of Mindfulness for individuals and organizations.

Her favorite things are nature and dogs, both of which help her remember to be aware of the present moment.

heatherarupp@gmail.com / 301-873-0676