What is Mindfulness ?  Ten Minute Talk Introduction

This ten minute talk introduces the concept of what Mindfulness actually is, and what it isn’t. Presented without the hype in relatable language to give a basic understanding.

Mindfulness of ‘Feeling Tone’- 15 minute talk

Every external and internal event we encounter is evaluated in our minds to have a ‘feeling tone’, or flavor of experience. All experiences are coded in the brain as either pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral. Learning to recognize and work with these feeling tones can help us unravel unconscious behavioral patterns to be more responsive and aware, and less reactive and habitual.

Mindfulness of Emotions- 15 minute talk

Emotions set the foundation of our behaviors and the perspective of our thinking. Though we may vary in our capacity for and range of emotions, most people see them as problems to be solved or states to be altered. With mindfulness meditation we learn to work with and gain insight from our emotions by recognizing and allowing them, offering us greater resiliency and strength in the face of difficulty.

Mindfulness of Thinking- 15 minute talk

Some people come to meditation with the expectation of relieving themselves of overactive thinking minds. While meditation does lead to greater stillness of the mind, the purpose of mindfulness is not to vanquish thoughts, but to change our relationship with our thinking to know our own patterns and tendencies. With observation of our thoughts, rather than engagement, we free ourselves to live more in the present.

Obstacles to Practice (and Life)- 15 minute talk

During meditation, we can observe our obstacles to practice and awareness. They are universal and called “The 5 Hindrances”. The hindrances observed during practice are often the same as we encounter on our daily lives. Meditation practice can help us learn how our hindrances show up and how we can work with them.

Brain Awareness- 5 Minute talk, 10 Minute Meditation 

This video brings awareness to the different parts of or brain and their balance. A 10 minute meditation is preceded by an introduction to basic neuroanatomy. Science shows that meditation can positively alter the balance of our limbic and frontal brain systems for less impulsive and healthier behavior.

Resetting the Stress System- 1 Minute talk, 10 Minute Meditation 

This video begins with a brief overview of the brain and body connection and output of cortisol during stress. The intorduction is followed by a 10 minute meditation bringing awareness to the breath, the body, the brain, and cortisol secretion to reset the chronic stress response and give the body a break.