10 Minute Loving Kindness Meditation

This meditation sends loving intentions to the self as a foundation for sending love to others. Grounding in breath and body to feel the presence of self-love and release doubt.


15 Minute Heart Body Mind Check in

This meditation guides us to check in with our heart, body, and mind from a grounded embodied presence. Allowing space to hear the messages from ourselves can help us be more responsive to our own needs and skillful in reactions.


25 Minute RAIN Meditation 

The RAIN meditation practice offers a way to connect and work with our emotions. We first name and recognize the emotions in our minds and bodies, welcoming and allowing them to occur. We then investigate these emotions more deeply with kind curiosity as they unfold. This powerful practice can teach us how to be present with emotions rather than detaching or over-reacting.


20 Minute Thought Meditation 

Many of us lament the busy mind and the constant pull of thinking away from the present. With meditation we can learn to observe thoughts and thinking patterns to go beneath them into stillness.